Sweetest Dreams at the Hob Knob


DSC_7492Among the myriad of delightful things that are blog-worthy on Martha’s Vineyard, I discovered the most darling boutique hotel.   The Hob Knob could be featured here for any number of it’s gracious elements.   However, what  really made me smile were the wonderfully original bed linens.

Perfectly crisp and cool, the bedding invites you with promises of only blissful dreams and a restorative night’s sleep.  Cleverly flourished with embroidery of polka dots and personalization, they bid the pampered guest good rest in a series of languages –Good Night, Bonne Nuit, Buona Notte, Boa Noite, Gutten Nacht.

How charming!

2 thoughts on “Sweetest Dreams at the Hob Knob

  1. Caron
    Too bad you can’t bump into me tomorrow at MJD when I am in White Plains!
    P.S. Hob Nob’s chatelaine is Cingy Halle’s sister.

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