Modern Monogram Marries Fine Jewelry. Exquisite Offspring Result.

Since seeing the movie Julie & Julia, I have been obsessed with two things — monogram diamond jewelry and making Boeuf Bourguignon.   Yesterday, the weather felt a little Fall-like so I made the stew.

Now, about that diamond jewelry.

Meryl Streep wore a monogram pin in the movie that definitely caught my eye.  One of my favorite blogs, Privilege,  covered the subject when the movie first came out.   I have borrowed the Privilege image and suggest that you visit The High WASP’s blog and read the post.Meryl Streep as Julia Childs 

Not long ago, I spoke to Ann Roth, the Academy Award winning costume designer who transformed Meryl Streep into Julia Child.  The pin was commissioned for the movie using  Julia Child’s initials and was inspired by one in Ms. Roth’s personal collection.  She  was unsure if Mrs. Child had actually owned a monogram pin of her own — though we agreed it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination.  Ms. Roth, a dynamic octogenarian,  was definitely amused to think  that anyone found monogram jewelry newsworthy as it was look from a bygone era and one she remembered well.

 Ms. Roth, diamond  monogram jewelry is indeed alive and kicking in this millennium.   

 Monogram Pendants

Sandi Miller Burrows and Peggy Pickman Reiner, are two New York based jewelry designers who create the most exquisite monogram pendants I have ever seen.  Working with each customer, they render hand sketches until the design is perfect. Executed in US workrooms and using precious metals and the finest gemstones, they have supplied custom peices to Harry Winston.  

This custom jewelry is without equal in the monogram realm.  The PP monogram pendant, above right, makes the Tiffany keys look downright humble.  These pendants, strung on diamonds by the yard, black rubber straps or multiple chains,  represent bespoke monogram luxe in it’s finest and most modern incarnation. 

 I’m sure I will be bringing you much more about this jewelry.  The  complete line (monogram and otherwise) is to die for.  I can’t wait to show  you the monogram cuff links Sandi made for her husband out of black diamonds.

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