About Us

Queen of Cashmere - Ladies Monogrammed Sweaters


Available in sizes 1–6.

A Sweater Is Born

We are often asked what makes Queen of Cashmere sweaters and knitwear so special (apart from the monogram, of course). Let’s just say that all cashmere is not created equal.

Where It All Begins

On the windswept plateaus of Mongolia, Mother Nature has given cashmere goats the most luxurious undercoats to keep them warm through the most brutal of winters. Cashmere is known for its warm, soft luxuriousness and it’s what we chose to make the most exclusive sweater brand of all.

It’s In Their Blood

We don’t choose just any cashmere yarn for Queen of Cashmere. We start with the finest cashmere yarn from one of the foremost mills in Britain, a family owned business since 1766. They sure know a thing or two about cashmere. For over ten generations the mill has combined integrity and expert knowledge, sourcing only the best fibers, and the soft waters of the River Dearne to proudly spin a cashmere yarn whose softness and clarity of color is unparalleled.

Bringing It To Life

We call it “Heritage Knitting”.  Luxury knitwear made by artisan talent is increasingly hard to find in today’s world of mass production. Hand intarsia is a time-honored Scottish tradition honed to art almost 150 years ago. Third generation knitters, who keep local traditions and quality alive, patiently spend many hours crafting each garment on vintage machines that need nothing more than a human hand to power them. The work is meticulous: One week, one knitter, nine sweaters. The craftsmanship of our monogram sweaters simply cannot be replicated by automation.

Putting It All Together

Hand-finishers then spend an additional hour-and-a-half completing the 40 steps that make up the finishing process. Hand-sewing, milling in soft, luxuriant waters from the Scottish Highlands and the art of Paris pressing coaxes further definition to an already exquisitely crafted product.